Just another person


I am like a flower
That dances in the wind
Beautiful and gentle like a rose
But every rose has its thorns

Every day the gentle wind hisses
The bees buzz
The birds sing
Sweet melodies
As always everything is not how it seems

In the distance where no one looks
Behind the hidden mask of my pain
I stand there
Defenseless and alone

My perfects pink petals
Torn from me
My leaves ripped apart
Drifting away in the cold night wind
Never to be seen again

The moon
my only witness
Of these cold cruel nights

My only friend is the sun
Who heals me with its blanket of warmth
Who’s bright rays give me shreds of hope

To the world
I’m just another flower
I am nothing special
I am No different than a weed
This is what they think of me
Soon it will all change

One day my true self will be recognized
and I will grow
little by little I will learn
To be the one seen above the others
To be noticed
For whom I truly am
Not who they think I am

To be me
A person
Unlike any other
A flower that
Will not be



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