A junior in highschool


A junior in high school,

Falls into despair so quickly,

Tries to go with the flow,

To formulate a show,

A star meant to glow,

Lost its incandescence,

Now seeking assistance,

Is it too late?

To seek guidance to the gate,

Many can relate,

But none can fit the shoes,

Life filled with blues,

His soul stricken with contempt,

Not from heart, but regret,

False promises made,

None kept nor fulfilled,

Has he failed?

Is life over?

He cringes and ponders,

What set me astray?

May I view of a replay?

My life may have been in vain,

Hence why I’ve endured much pain,

But is life set for joy,

Surly perceiving this world as a game,

The individuals as toys,

With no incentive but to win,

To live and grin,

Going to whatever extent,

No matter the steps,

Just as an ant that never gives up,

The reward remaining unknown,

The goal to be attained,

Ambition being the motivation,

Truly for success or a mere aspiration,

A world of various perceptions,

Constantly hindered by deception,

Hoodwinking many,

Lost souls erupt,

The time is done,

The deed is made,

A junior in high school,

So young, so naïve,

Lost in a big world,

Goes with the crowd,

Is now lost, with no place to go,

Follows the wrong path,

Never to get back on track,

Gone, not forgotten,

A token to success tainted,

A blessing mistook,

No guidance implemented,

Just disarray,

A junior in high school,

That just wants to rise.




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