Jungle Fever


Ever been woken up, by screaming and fighting? One yelling from across the room, can't sleep in peace without silence. All my surroundings sound voilent. That's what ticks me off most, when one is disturbing the peace being annoying the most. Time is all we got, and what's sleep in the morning? I forgot. One household of 5,my house is a jungle, all I want is stability. Is that to much to ask for? Long days, short nights, lack of sleep inturupting my thoughts. My mother really wants authority, but my siblings won't stop. Jungle Fever, do you believe I can't hear you? Walls thin like a leaf, I don't wanna get involve so I control how I breathe. 

But when the weather so breezy; I ask myself why can't life always be this easy?They're fighting in the restroom, while im tossing and turning not sleeping? Why must I be woken up when my time isn't up? I'm telling you I live in a jungle, my face feels hot. Do I have a fever? My blood boiling, it's hot when I touch.


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