Jungle Fever

We're all warm bodies,
put together in an artistic ways,
Our skin isn't what society embodies,
There were never any good ole days,
Shunned by society,
No love for Ebony and Ivory,
This love was seen as impropriety,
Feelings that should be kept in a diary,
Different colors with the same love,
Going against the rule of the world,
This love that society wants to rid of,
Standing strong and letting this love unfurl,
A love no physical attack can break,
It come from within forgetting the outer skin,
Delivering the world a much needed wake,
This passion that comes from within,
No act of hate can separate,
Aren't we all one in the same,
So let's get this love to generate,
No need to call it the jungle game,
There's nothing wild about this love,
It's a fever that more should catch,
Love should not be deprived of,
We cant control our love match,
So let's get this love trending,
Race is just a color,
Let's get this conflict mending,
Not a type of squalor,
But of a new creation,
For we are all the same,
Built of a foundation,
That no longer has shame,
Jungle Fever

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