Temperatures were high in the middle of June

Their voices rang out in harmony

Singing on top of her car

Waking up the world with their music

Nothing could stop them from being together

Not even time.


They began to spend everyday together

Living each day in harmony

The minutes flew by; They forgot about time

Sitting in the front seat of her car,

Spending the night and listening to music

And soon it was no longer June


They drove around town in her car,

Blocking the silence with music

And only focusing on the time.

They were no longer satisfied together.

Their voices no longer ran out in harmony.

If only it was still June


Their love had run out of time,

Days were no longer spent together

Her memories remained from June;

Listening to the band’s music

With her head out the window of the car

No longer living their lives together in harmony.


Her loneliness was portrayed through her music

Creating her own harmony

Singing alone in the car

Pretending it was June

Knowing the only remedy was time

Hoping they would one day be together


She gave it time

And finally it was June

They had listened to the music;

Missed the beautiful sound of their harmony

No longer separated; Finally together

Singing their song in the front seat of her car


The music resonated throughout her car

Spending time together; Living life in harmony

And soon everyday felt like June


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