Jumping out of Planes in Vegas

Wed, 05/29/2013 - 16:46 -- ckarimi

As I sit in my chemistry class
With boredom
My mind wanders
Wanders into a world of imagination
Where there is no limit
Chemistry has a limit of scientific law
But my mind doesn’t
It can go beyond the law

So once dreaming in dreams
My friends and I are in a plane
Seeing a scene that seems
The same
We see our teenage dreams
Without the rain because there is a drain

When the plane shook
We suddenly looked
Deep down doubting
Vivian Lopez turns and says, “Will we make it Caroline Karimi?”
Valerie Lopez shouts, “Look girls! There are parachutes!”
Running, rushing, we grab them
We run, we’re done, and now it’s fun

Down bellow, sound first seems mellow
As we get closer
We are lower
Noises start laughing, snapping
Jumping, rambling, and running
We arrive
We survive

The girls, “We, from the Wild Wild West”
Are here to arrive, to survive
To be alive
Tonight is our night
In the sight
Of so much light
On Friday night

Because we arrived, we lived, we survived
“Viva Viva Vegas!”
On Friday the 13th
From Circus Circus to Planet Hollywood
At Sin City!
I, the pampered, Persian, palace, princess
The glamorous, gorgeous, German, girl
Not this night!


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