Staring at the waves,

while the rock cuts in my feet,

I stand there waiting. 


Everyone has gone,

my sisters, parents, cousins.

Sadly, I cannot. 


The climb up was rough, 

thinking the jump was easy.

I regret it now.


Worse, the more I stare, 

as shaking overcomes me,

I ponder leaving. 


But the chants keep on. 

From far down below they cheer. 

They want me to try. 


I glance down, sighing. 

The water is far away. 

Think, will I survive? 


I push away thoughts.

I put down my guard, and, jump.

I fly through the air.


Landing with a splash.

The life jacket floats me up.

I emerge gasping.


With a bright, big smile,

I turn and see family.

Let's go jump again. 


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