Jumbo jets vs jays and jackdaws


If only we could fly like 
those that tweet or hoot
without aid of jet or 

For I sure don't like 
wings that roar
just so they can take off 
and soar

Ah, to fly without petrol, diesel 
or fuel
Oh, to halt that taloned midair 

Birds they don't pollute 
the air
nor need they any airline 

So if only I too could rise 
and glide
and let the wind be my 
sole guide

I'd be happy to fly all the 
way to 'em' stars
if I was assured I'd risk 
no charring scars.

Flying without aviation 
I could be sightseeing 
many more cities

Ah I so wish to fly just 
like a jay or jackdaw
Then I'd fly across all and 
every border
For I'd know nor follow
no man-made law!


This poem is about: 
Our world



I believe this poem is about nature vs man. I like the concept of the birds vs Jets very cool. The line where you mention sightseeing the cities made me wish to fly naturally also. But if it weren't for these planes we wouldn't have gotten off this earth because of the law of gravity. Still, I'm glad you wrote this poem because  I will enjoy reading it.



Thanx for your comment. Yeahh but I still have dreams of flying like birds that can resist gravity with their wings without polluting the air. Infact I see such dreams in sleep where I'm actually asleep and soaring with angelic type wings. It seems so real in the dream then when I wake up it's disappointing to realise it was only a dream. I hope in heaven we can fly with our own pair of wings.

Cheers  and thanx again


Such a lovely poem about the differences between a bird vs a noisy engine. By the way, great plot line!


Warmest thanxx fellow poetess.


Love the topic! You did a great job depicting the struggle or man vs. nature vs. technology, truly amazing!


Thanx soo much Julie. Where can I find your poems?


Ou... I definitely got chills reading this! Love the symmetry and the parallel references. It's an uplifting tone to it. :)


Oh warm thanx. Why did u get chills though? This was just a fantasy of flying poem and criticising the polluting aeroplanes.

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