Juicy Couture,Pearled Necklaces,and Pink

"Take another picture of me Noelle"

I hear in the distant background

The phrase that begins all behavior

I watch you as you wear another new mini dress or bikini

You look in my eyes and say what?

Can't I have a good time?

I bite my tongue hard.

It scares me when you go out there.

I fear someone will hurt you and take you away.

You promise us it will just be one glass turns into more.

You go from Momma to Monster.

I watch you play out like a movie everytime.

You were suppose to watch over me,

But you left me here.

I want you back all the time.

But I remember I have to wait for you in the morning.

That is when we will pretend it never happened.

And I can wake up to call you Mom again.





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