Life never stops they say,
Its the history of our tale,
Gifts and talents we've acquired,
Hustling to reach our goals.
In the route of tornadoes and strife,
We stumble and fall,
Despite this, we still out there.
Working day after day.
The cycle of life rolls on,
Of which way to go,
Confidence and strength we must have,
To do what we feel is right,
Irrespective of our enviromental factor.
Choices ain't made when there's just one option,
Centuries behind us, ages to our years.
Rolling on to what we never had.
Now how will the patient dog, eats the strongest bone?
On the D-day when the gold is shared according to our deeds,
On that day when good and evil meet,
When no choice will be given but to kiss his feet.
The day approaches!
TEE-THOMAS (Fearless Poet)

This poem is about: 
Our world


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