While holding her belly she tries to hide

From the horrid stares as she walks by

Traumatized eyes glare as she wishes the day would end

For she’s too humiliated to face those she called “friends”

“What a whore they say. You stupid little twit”

She’s cries and dissembles and is torn into bits

The next bell rings, and so does the routine

Teachers watch and say “she’s only thirteen”

Just when she thought everyone had gone

She looks at her bump knowing she has to be strong

Her future uncertain with no recourse but God

No shoulder to cry on, her baby daddy’s a fraud

He denies with disgust as he gazes at her

She weeps and curses at her ex-lover

As she whimpers in a corner, she can’t help but reminisce

That night she snuck out for a party she couldn’t miss

He gave her a kiss, and then he offered her a drink

Poisoned with a pill, her mind slowly starts to sink

Hours later, she wakes to a hospital scent

Her mind full of melancholy, she starts to repent

Her virginity is gone and so is her pride

 But still she stays is strong, she sees the love in disguise

As she wipes her last tear, she begins to understand

This is not the life she wanted, it didn’t go as planned

So when you see this young girl, don’t judge her by her fate

Because like many others in the world, she is a victim of date rape


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