I've been hurt,

Thrown in the dirt,

I cried out for help,

My emotions would melt.

Tried to be strong,

Didn't know it was wrong.

You just stood and stared, 

Calling me impared.


The doctor says I'm overweight,

Its hard to stand up straight.

When I get to school,

I feel like a fool,

Because the kids call me fat,

Is there a better word for that?

Want to be set free,

But you got a hold on me.


Even though I'm only eight,

Why am I the ones your friends hate?

I show them my cool alien set,

They laugh and throw them at the pet.

I got on my knees and cried,

They were a gift from Daddy before he died.


I used to be outgoing,

You made me stop flowing.

Now, I wear black, 

Color I try to lack.

I ran far away,

Because I was judged everyday.

Being different is a pain,

I wish I was the same.


Never get to use my feet,

Always in this whellchair seat.

They always show me pity,

To me, they look witty.

Others call me cold-hearted, 

I think I'm just getting started.


You hurt these people and more,

Leaving their heart so sore.

You hide in the eye of others,

Making one turn against another.

You are so hateful,

Without you, we'd be more grateful.

Because of you suicide is commited,

How can these things be permitted?

There is never sunshine, always rain,

How could you cause all this pain?


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