It’s not that difficult,
To just go along with my life.
It’s my decision,
So warn me
And let me make my own mistakes.

I need your support;
You’ve always been there.
But now,
You’re in your own world
One where you have the right
to judge your friend.

You have no idea what love is.
You have no idea what it’s like
To be optimistic about everything.
It’s a curse.

You can’t choose who you have feelings for.

I know you’re trying to protecting me,
But in the end,
You are the one that’s hurting me
More than he ever could.

I always support you;
I give you my opinion

I know you two don’t get along,
But he got past that
Score for him.

I can’t even bring him up
In a conversation
Before you shoot me a dirty look
And go silent.

Everyone judges in this world;
Nice job following the status quo.
I thought you were different,
Like me.
Now I really know.


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