The Joys of Life

A proud mother to be doesn't expect this:

9 months of pain

An then finally a huge relief of pressure through water occurs

It’s time for labor

Swerving from lane to lane to get to the hospital

Finally we arrive and are rushed into an empty room

Everything was moving fast until now

Now we have to wait on the baby's decision on whether he/she wants to come

After 17 hours of tedious labor

It’s finally time to hear the cry of a baby and a mother

A busy room filled with nurses and family members

An the proud shout of it’s a boy filled the air

Suddenly nothing else matters

 Just the expectation of the child

You could feel the expectation for the child throughout the room

And those expectations followed as soon as the mother and child arrived to this place called home

Reading, and educational television shows to enhance the Childs’ mind

Until something starts to mess up the mother and child’s daily routines

That thing was the child starts having sudden seizures and drastically failing health          

An now spending day after day in the hospital hooked up to every hospital machines there is

Now the once healthy child is no longer healthy

Is now the mother has to make a choice let the child be a human vegetable or pull the plug

It seems as if all that pain and long hours in labor was useless, but it also didn't amount of the pain and misery that she was in now

At this point she truly understood the meaning of the saying “It hurts me more than it hurts you"

She chooses to pull the plug.......

They're babies and then there is this thing

It's pitch black in the day and sunny at night

It's ruthless


Just down right disrespectful

Always expected, but never hoped for

9.5 out of 10 dislike it

But I come to realize that, it’s just a part of life that doesn't care how you deal with it

It moves in swiftly without warning and stays a little past its welcome

It doesn't discriminate against race, gender, or age

It takes whomever it wants with it including the ones closes to your heart

It is........................death

It’s something that we all as humans have to cope with regardless of how we feel about it

It something that we all have to face some day

Death is something in life that we finally don't have a choice about

It's funny how everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die



every one has an experation date. we just have to stop being scared of when that day comes.


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