the joy of unexpected places

Sandi and her sister were never put down because they were girls, on the other hand they were empowered and built up by their mother and father. Sandi’s childhood hero was her father. Her father was incredibly funny; a trait that Sandi has always valued, and that she would look for in her future relationships. He was also loving and would take them to construction sites and let them help around. Sandi’s father never treated her and her sister differently or gentler because of the fact that they were girls. He held them to the same standard as he held everyone else, which was something that helped Sandi develop into a strong independent woman in her later life. Now, if you ask Sandi what animal she would most likely be, she will respond with “a cat”, and when asked why, she will tell you that she admires the fact the cats are independent and that they can take care of themselves without anyones help.Just like her.  



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