Tell a joke seriousness goes up in a smoke I poke and prod name my imaginary kid Claude a German by nature ancestors walked in a goose step a thousand miles what a schlep . Laughter is contagious the joy it creates is down right outrageous . To be Paid for funny honey is an iconoclast that will certainly last a lifetime .  Creativity comes from within to deny it would be an immortal sin  . Learned in a book found it on the top bin. Page 54 found the truth it was written so pure not even sure I could have said it better not even when wearing my college sweater. Thinking comes from the ego whose job is to protect you from psychic pain . A contraption put together sometime from those under the weather operating from clouds made out of an entirely different feather. Not about the ego or cerebellum . Went to the doctor I heard him tell them the secret to everlasting joy is to always listen and nurture your little boy. If not he will act out and be afraid good luck ever getting laid you'd be better off being a maid. Breaking free from old habits could be the hardest thing that you do . The wiring is tiring if I were a boss I'd do all the firing . I let go of my old ways so I can count the days enjoying a smile man its been a long while

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