The Journey in Self Love


Today we are told to be thinner, eat less, work out more; that our beauty has a standard we need to      brace ourselves for.

We never knew that looking in a mirror would be hard thing to do but no matter who you are, I have        advice for you.

Embrace who you are because who you are is you. Grab your tummy rolls and love them and your        lack of them too.

Whether you're skinny or large, short or tall, a combination of everything, love it all. 

If you have cellulite that covers your butt and your legs, never let anyone tell you it's disgusting or            not okay.

Whether your skin has acne or is clear as the sky make-up or no make-up is okay, give that a try.

Imperfections are perfect little things, everyone has them and everyone has beauty.

Within those imperfections is a perfect you, because all imperfections are flawless too. 

Don't let anyone shame you in to being who you're not, this is your body, my body and it's okay to          tell ourselves we are hot.

Having beauty on the inside is an amazing thing to prove, but society needs to teach us that no               matter what we have on the outside, that's beautiful too.



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