Journey to Reality



Boy named Sue-Disabled from car wreck

Pinkie-Evil (doll)

Eileen-Caring/Lovable (teddy bear)

Agatha -Smart (globe)

Herald-Adventurous (boat)


There once was a boy named Sue

He always asked for you know who

Herald, Agatha, Pinkie, and Eileen

Who made life seem not so obscene

There was only one problem with his friends

No one else could comprehend


Sue was a dear little boy

He believed in talking with his toys

His imagination ran wild

As would any other child

Although he was very ill

He never was able to sit completely still


Pinkie was an evil doll

Who always liked to stare at the wall

Rude, Sinful, Mean, and Crude

She was always looking for something to ruin the mood

Pinkie might not be here today

But Sue knows he will be with her again someday


Grandmother Eileen was the sweetest that could be

She was Sue’s whole world even if he was still just a peewee

Eileen was his motivational breath

All the more after her Death


Eventually both of them were separated

After a while Sue found they were related

As the Mother of Sue

She felt responsible especially after the tragedy boo hoo



Herald was in love with boats

So much he loved to gloat

The father figure was strong

Although sometimes he felt he was in the wrong

Until after he was laid to rest

He knew he didn’t do his best


Journey to Reality


Everything went south on the way to the river

Thinking about this day still gives him a shiver

His family unwillingly left him behind

The wreck left him alone with his shattered mind

Even though he might be alone

He can still feel them in his jawbone


He chatters up a storm

With his toys which is not the norm

Globe, boat, teddy bear, and doll

They still try to get him to fall

He fights hard and long

But sometimes he has to sing a song


Sue was always in constant pain

Which didn’t help him stay sane

Sometimes he would yelp

The nurses tried to help

But one day it just wasn’t enough

Sue had to let go of all of the stuff


His mother, father, grandma and sister

Talked him up into a twister

His mind sank and swam

As of now he was just another leaping lamb

He thought about his next move for too long

Sue was no longer headstrong


Another day went by

The sun was shining high in the sky

Until Sue heard his father’s words

The boat had said to be one with the birds

Nothing was making sense

It was all just too intense


Pinkie was becoming a bother

She just wants him to listen to his father

Sue would like to pursue

But he has not a clue

Pinkie will stand and put up a stink

Until Sue learns how to think


The globe started spinning about

At that moment he began to doubt

Sue knew his mother was around

Which made him continue to frown

No matter how hard he asked her to stay

The clouds continued to whisk her away


Then appeared the bear

Who was always there to care

She spoke of how everything was going to be okay

All Sue had to do was pray

His grandma’s voice was great to hear

If only she was actually here


Sue decided it was time to leave

The world which he had received

All of the love a boy could get

From a family that no one could forget

Today might have taken people’s breathes away

However, Sue has gone home to play


Nurses talked about how Sue’s mind worked

They were all a little irked

He considered it to be multiple days

When in all reality it was only a haze

People may believe his death was a waste

Sue would have sang a song and embraced


This poem is about: 
Our world


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