The Journey of Love

I didn’t know what love can do, I thought it was all true

The elders were right it contained pain, but I am not ashamed from what I knew

from the moment I caught those beautiful eyes I tried to disguise the great

Feelings that I was tired of concealing

Love can go lopsided into a fairytale that tells a tale of two falling in love and

Live happily and turn away from the world in harmony

That story must contain pain running deep through veins because your scared of

Separation and all the magic to culminate or worse your friend “lonely” with

Nobody to speak to

It drives you insane with desire, full motivation to be the best and prove your

Worth maybe values that are underdeveloped

I once climbed, cried, tried too hard, only to hide and survive away from love

To fight the battle with myself from transforming into a fool losing air from

Drowning in my own pool from displeasure

Not all love is electric where all the cables connect perfectly

To spark a pure Light

Some are damaged and need repair from all the despair existent/left

Behind but the beauty comes after the effort of restoration is formed to make

Love eccentric again only this time stronger to endure anything vicious

Experience won the fight over thoughts about love, just two separate realms

Colliding about the same, but when adrenaline pours into the body it’s an

Unexplainable feeling a “no word” sensation and “in-love” becomes tossed

Like a ragdoll but it’s dangerous to say without meaning

And can create a broken doll without her overalls

Stories of love keep dreams alive, one day wanting to

Write novels filled with empty chapters ready to be written with someone

 Hopefully not torn apart by another

Once upon a time seems aged, happily ever after seems difficult to capture

Because a lack of comprehension over love was staged

 It’s a foreign lost story, unknown for a kid never witnessing or living it

 Easy to speak about words flowing like a river, no taboo

Only time will tell the story

 I didn’t know what Love could do, it can compose a verse, transform a life,

 Shame you, lie to you, discover or lose you in a dense jungle.

Don’t be afraid of the ride just try and

Love finds those who are true to themselves and not scared of farewells

I guess this is my journey of love…

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Our world
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I really really love this poem, the message gets across beautifully and you have amazing word choice


Omgosh, your words mean a lot! I will keep writing more poems, Thank you!

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