Journey to God (From My Heart to His Ears)

Where are you?

How can I find you?

Why aren't you there when I call you?

You said you're there but why am I lonely?

GOD- *knocks*


I can't sleep at night

My heart is broken

My mind is fickled

My spirit is begging 

Do you care?

GOD- *knocks*


My family lost their home

I lost the one I called my own

I'm suffering from his broken pieces

Are you there to pick up the pieces?

Or are you too busy? 

GOD- *knocks* 


What is my identity?

I was so caught up in him that I lost my sanity

Was my love worth him staying?

At least in his eyes?

When would start I feeling like I'm worth the fight?

I've been calling you day and night

GOD- *knocks*


I can't do this anymore

My love life is like a revolving door

My heart is so sore

When will you answer to my aching soul?

GOD- *knocks*


God, I'm here...

GOD- Finally you opened the door


I found my voice

When I listened to The Voice

When my soul was in despair

He was there with a listening ear


When I was in my weakest hour

He filled me with His power

And now I'm telling you

Whoever reads

He will meet ALL of your needs


                                       GOD: Will you answer?


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