Journey to the finish

Mon, 08/03/2015 - 17:56 -- flamds

Growing up is a scary thing to face

Especially if you don't know who you are

And how to run the race

I avoid looking in the mirror

Because I have the fear of

Seeing what others talk about

All my feelings and all my doubts

Will come rushing back to me

And I will be bound and not free

Also the fact that I will see

Everything people say I cannot be

If I don't, I'll die

Die knowing that

While everything was going on, I sat

Never stood up for myself

Went right, should've went left

Took my time in choosing

Now I'm left for everyone's bruising

Kill the haters, go on about your day

It's not as easy as everyone may say

Try hard and be like you

Try hard to do everything you do

No pain, no gain

But the pain can make you insane

Some want the fame

I want to know how to play the game

The game of life

The game that causes everyone so much strife

So growing up is a scary thing to face

And I definitely don't know how to run the race

But I do have a really good solid base

So I am pretty sure to ace


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