Journey Of Butterflies.

And that's when the storm started brewing.

Not a storm like last year.

A gold walk porch and narrow fence

Stones and diamonds in the floor

Two had met their paths

Anger and wretched heartbreak tired; Dreams were coming true.

An escape from the choke holds and

rugged slaps and breathing shortness of the lung

stop praying stop shaping away

Stop weeding and whacking at

flowers bloomed between the ribs of

sanity and a chilled hug reached

over her neck

muscles, the ones she was proud of

The butterflies felt good this time

Life had changed once more for the

better better better

weather blessings in disguise

Time for eyes to meet and


My breath !

It is gone !

Yet I am so happy !

I myself control my breath !


{You make every song sound beautiful}

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