Journey to the Beaten Holy Ground

Fri, 09/12/2014 - 21:13 -- corynm


The monster inside me claws through every muscle fiber in my body

And I feel weaker every minute  

Lacking expression, my surroundings drip cold and motionless

Like a thin stroke of paint on a dusty white canvas


The imprinted golden floorboards remind me of the past

Drifting through an infinite stream

I am now alone

Drowning in a tide-less ocean

Listening to the limited precious time tick by 


Lifeless and neglected

These stained white walls fade my identity

And the light shining through the cloudy windows

Drag me closer the golden gates


Clutching my body to the bed hinges

For I’ll not sacrifice my soul

I must remain attached to earth

Pumping through my shriveled arteries

My lukewarm red blood instincts me to stop beating

And fly away to a safe place


Intoxicating my veins 

Goblins leak out from the lifeless dark cave

Urgent and sudden 

I feel the need to scream at the top of my lungs

As the devil purges closer


Inflaming my chest

My cheeks heat up

And sweat drips down my face

Like tears passing along my crooked nose.


Closing my eyes

I view a world with no pain

The rush through my organs quit

For now I know

I continue no longer lost in dark shadows


Beaming through the crisp orchard

Sunlight keeps me safe

The white glossy shell of life shatters

As if I existed again, fumbling to the beaten Holy Ground 


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