The Journey of Adolescence

Right, veering right,
Left, swooping left.
Orange cones, white lines, speed bumps

Preventing me from zooming so fast.
But I wouldn't because... I know me.

For once I'd stay straight,
Coloring within the lines, the roads
Right with their fog line,
Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries.
"Rule - follower," they said.
But staying safe was always for me.

Slow, slow, slow
Ice, ice, ice
But feeling those brisk snowflakes
To be taken so completely and know my place.
So in those crystalline structures to feel pain. 
To stop and slide on this so icy road.
Sitting so comfily in my canvased coat.

It wasn't that I knew, in that moment,
The way the road bent, or how I did, for others. 
It was the chilling sensation on my cheeks,
My tears running down, slowly freezing,
The melted snowflakes slippery;
Rushing, Rushing, Rushing
It isn't so much what we don't know,
but what we do.
We know we change,
Always different
Always shifting.
But to find the ground within
that change is what defines me,
and you
and all those around us.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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