Mon, 08/26/2013 - 07:33 -- jen900


I noted today that hope oft dissipates to the clouds
Is that because it's where dreams are found?
A forlon sigh that travels the wind
Will surely find freedom come world's end

As drops of rain melt to my hand
I wonder how much effort it must take to stand
To find the strength when you are sad
Must be hard to reach for the stars without your launching pad

What have you lost and you what have you gained?
To stand where it is you stand today
A friend, a memory, or who you could be?
A chance perhaps to be happy?

Because it's you, I know that you'll find it someday
That smile of yours that has faded away
And even if that path leads you far, far from me
I'll be right here waiting, if you're ever in need








Beautiful piece it is full of emoton. I really loved the first two lines in the first stanza and the last line in the second. Have you by any chance shown this piece to him/her?

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