A Journey


United States

We met when we were twelve and I fell for you then,

But you fell in love with one of my old friends.

Then she broke your heart during sophomore year,

Sleeping around and doing what you always feared.

I saw your world crumble and watched you fall apart,

I tried so desperately to fix your broken heart.


We were just friends then, both with our own share of heartbreak,

But we found camaraderie amongst all the ache.

We began to lean on each other just to make it through,

But somewhere along that journey, our relationship grew.

We began to get closer, and much to my surprise,

I fell in love once again with your beautiful brown eyes.


Everything seemed so impossible, so unlikely, so strange,

How did we  manage to find each other after all of this change?

Both more mature and both so much more grown,

So maybe it makes sense that, in you, I finally found my home.

You helped me learn to trust again, and then you became my best friend,

You turned my life around and now I don't want this to ever end.


Because I love you and because you love me,

I can see a future together, finally.


This poem is about: 
My family


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