Thu, 07/23/2020 - 18:48 -- smhuska

When we were younger, 

Sitting on a fallen log in the creek behind your house,

you always pushed the limits:

making each memory I look back at now feel like an enchanted adventure.

You became a traveler;

Sometimes forgetting to pay your debt.

You let your feet run wild;

Dancing, with your arched feet and pointed toes.

In the sunlight you would daydream:

Always running towards the Rays of light, 

Fearless and always ready to take flight.


But you kept finding stones tied to your feet

So, way down you’d go: sinking but never drowning.

This time the stones would not untie;

Before anyone was able to save you or say goodbye. 

Straightaway the world was a little less bright, 

Without your soul to light up the night.


Now, you can travel all the trails you want to follow,

Run wild without any stone ever preventing you from taking flight.

The time has come for you to be free:

For there is no longer any debt left unpaid;

You are gone, but your soul will always be here to stay. 

Even if that creek we played in may no longer be the sam:

Don’t worry, just Stand By Me,

because the water and mud will be able to wash your footprints away. 



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