The Joker's Accomplice


United States
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Sadly, when I made the call I was without remorse, even now, half in guilt and half in humor I write this.

The stress does not stem from my deed, but the pain it has caused the both of you, the walls of laws and strife I erected with pen and guile, the maleficent laugh that echoes inside, would I do it again, absolutely, would I do it and smile?

"answer truthfully" 

from ear to ear unafraid. 

You havent caught me yet, this is my gloating note, written down to shout from throat. 

I did not do this out of malice, or hatred or spite, but at those words I had to act, your pains are the only downside. Maybe one day you'll see I did this to hurt two and protect three. If you never learn it'll be my secret. If you find out I hope you'll understand. Yet should you not, I will not balk or run or skirt, I'll simply know of thankless work. 

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