A Job To Remember



A career can be inspired by a family hardship, motivational role model in ones life but mine happens to be self inspired from my motivation to learn what people have been telling me for years I couldn't do. Math and science, one might say are male dominated fields, and stimulates a more male way of thinking. Those are only truth to the degree of what I have been told all my life by my peers, mentors and media streams. I know I can do it and in this cyber world we now live in, I know I can contribute to computer science fields. 
Computer science, web design, programming of all kinds, these are the fields that as a women are the last thing we are told we can do. I find coding, computer formatting and software development fascinating. My plans to pursue this will start by attending SUNY Empire State College in Fall 2014. I hope to flourish and accomplish many things there as I get closer to my degree. Seeking a career in computer science requires a lot of patience and tedious learning methods such as memorizing, repetitive muscle memory and constant learning beyond school because once you learn it everything you just took the time to ingrain becomes out dated in a matter of a couple of years.
My plans to fight through the barriers of a patriarch industry and fast paced learning environment with a learning disability will be the hardest thing I've had to face in my adult life so far. I hope to break down metaphorical walls and make people rethink what it means to be intelligent. Once I graduate I will continue to work in these fields that I hopefully have had some internship experience while attending school. Freelance work is also a very innovative way to get your own work out there without needing guide lines of focusing on other people's work. Working for an establish company can be rewarding such as following the growth of your peers and learning from more advanced players in the industry. 
Once I create a foundation for myself I hope to branch out into other parts of my field including computer animation or CGI. Joining a programming team developing computer generated animation would be me reaching for the stars in my eyes. Inspiring children in a world for change will do good for a generation to come.


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