Jiminey Cricket

They say good comes with the bad
Bad comes along with good
Decisions to be made so little time
Tick tock the imaginary clock ticking in your empty head

Once upon a time you were a warrior
A queen , the reason why some men wanted to live . The richness of that beautiful mahogany skin silk smooth
The reasons why every female skinned up their noses and frowned as you passed by kindergarten till high school graduation day

The delicacy of your strides , so powerful so precise , blessing from above the poise of a strong woman .

Always the leader of the pack , the dream girlfriend . Life seemed perfect right ?

Reality hit . Black, ugly, dumb, fearful, damaged , overrated,

Why , tears at night could hide the pain ,the shame . Everyone's perfect little girl failing . Alone, cold in this world

Looking for her superman he saved her . Trapping her . Under his wrath she was his queen . The melody to his harmony . The sun that brightened his day . He loved her,adored her . She loved him. He wanted to make an legacy. One she couldn't bare

Tears in his eyes how could his perfect woman be not so perfect , killed her self esteem , no longer worthy of this passion he had burning . Sweat blood and tears her efforts were meaning less just as the last "I love you's"

Left alone to confide in the four corners of the walls she wept . And prayed , she knew she only had a few more months to go . It will all be over soon her empty thought echoed .. A choice she had to make . One that would make her man love her again. Everyone will love her now . "Yeah" she thought this was something she had to do

Month after month . She groomed her self for her big day , always alone
Waiting for this miraculous change the sensation was over whelming

Abruptly the ocean inside her came alive waves crashing the tides high she knew it was time .
Pushing her self further away from the dangers approaching the tunnel of light
As her last breath escaped the first birth entered . The ocean bared a new sea. A new life is formed . His legacy started with this new chapter for the last one closed with love to never be opened again.


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