Jhene Aiko - Beautiful Ruin (Remix) by : Jaay Dee Kayy

Don't you remember?

The life, the laughs, the love was then way realer,

You came into my life and then I knew,

My whole world would be turned around, upside down;

I hate I didn't say it, but fear was on my mind,

Thought Daddy wouldv'e stayed near, since he wasn't around;

But if you must go, just know that I gave up my whole world,

Gave up happiness, innocence, and childhood just so me and Daddy could get close,

But then these things went too far, 

Swear to God it's still things that no one knows;

So I don't get high cause it's trippy,

Mary Jane shows me a way out,

I used to let the monster get me, now it's my turn to hurt him now,

But I did my best, I showed my strength to no avail, I never really knew love,

But I did my best, I showed my strength to no avail, but you already knew love....

Horrible destruction, led to beautiful construction, and I'm beautiful now,

And I'll take you for repercussions, didn't follow the instructions to protect your own damn child,

But I'm beautiful now, even though I'm in ruins;

My whole life has been ruined, cause you ripped up the blueprint, when I couldn't make a sound,

Now I'm in beautiful ruins, cause instead of pulling me out,

You let me burn to the goddamn ground;

What kinda father have you been, type of father have you been, to leave me in beautiful ruins? (x2)

This poem is about: 
My family


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