United States

Whatever lies thine eyes have told
You think I'm hot, but boy I'm cold


You sang of heartbreak all along
Well I'm the girl from all those songs


Stay away. This serpent stings
Stay away from shining things


See mine eyes? They glitter malice
All you see's a golden chalice


Come and drink this love from I
Down this poison, drink and die


Teasing lips hide sharpened fangs
You kiss the tree from which you hang


You swear mine crown a halo sings
Claim to see the glow of wings


But gash apart my soft white breast
And feel mine black heart scorch thy chest


Beating, bursting, shooting arrows
Confusing what is straight and narrow


Watch my blood as black as sin
Pour evil forth from lungs within


Art thou sane? I think it not
For love of that which breeds foul rot


Drawn in blindly by a smile
Drawn to death by tongue so vile


How you love me, canst thou see?
I'm nothing but a trap for thee.



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