The Jeweler

Mon, 08/18/2014 - 02:47 -- Rendle

His muscles tense

His shoulders hunched

Over a rough bench of oak

Makes tiny cuts to fragile beauty



To find the miracle

Within a rough shell.

Tedious hours wander past.

Ruby sun sinks low.

Shadows stretch

But his lamp stays bright.

Throughout the night,

Delicate alterations



Methodically polish

‘till it outshines the light above.

Unique dimensions

Impose their glory of color

Onto their surroundings.


He stares at it in wonder


He leans back in his seat,


Wets his lips with his tongue.

He holds up his work to the light

And examines the divine masterpiece created with his hands

He sees

Flawless facets

Artful angles

Not a scratch

Internal imperfections only make it more beautiful, and intriguing

His skilled eye notices details others do not


But within his precious works of art

He sees

His very soul.


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