Jesus changes your tragedy

Wed, 08/16/2017 - 16:44 -- amy610


When I needed someone else to console me there, you appeared ...
When you seek peace, you gave it to me.

The more I look for someone to really love me
I found you and you taught me that your love is uncontainable.

I thought I could never find love,
But an uncontainable love.
I thought that no one could free me from my sins,
But only through your mercy I was healed.
And since you have entered my heart I have abundant peace.

You are eternal, you are holy,
You are faithful and true.
You are my father, you are the one who comforts me,
You are the beginning and the end.

I thought everything I did was right,
But since you uncovered my eyes
I can tell you the truth only
I can find it in Jesus.

You are great, you are wonderful,
You are beautiful, you are the light,
You are love, you are truth,
You are the way to the father.

You are the one who saves, who heals,
You are the inspiration of my song.
You are my life, my faithful friend,
You are what I want in my life.

From you I learned what it is,
Humility, holiness,
Solidarity, integrity,
And trust not to stumble.

I choose you because I'm so
Big and majestic.
Your love and your word
It is power to heal.

I choose you because only you
You are the one who gives me the gift
Larger and wonderful ...
That is grace.

You are the hope,
You are the salvation of the world,
You are eternal happiness,
You are always faithful and because of that
I choose only you.


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