Jelly Bean

You were just a babyIn your mother’s wombUntil one day you were takenBy, I know whomHe took you to live in peaceIn heaven where you will stayWhere you won’t be in dangerWhere i know that you’re okAlthough i miss you baby brotherI will not shed a tearI’ll simply remain here on earthA place so filled with fearFor now God will hold youSafely in his armsUntil i can join youIn that place away from harmThen i will hold youAnd never let you goIn that place so far awayIn my permanent loving homeI will see you little brotherWhen my time here is withdrawnAnd when i see you thereAll my troubles will be goneAlthough we never metAnd your face i never got to seeI still love you with all my heartAnd you mean the world to meYou were gone too soonTo a place i cannot goBut i will eventually follow youTo our permanent loving home 

This poem is about: 
My family


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