Jason's Story

Fri, 09/26/2014 - 17:02 -- ecimase

Through tempest winds, it flies and soars

The dragon of Earth rises, and roars!

In preparation, it never rests

Though the pain be immense,

No one else can best

This creature with a 7th sense

The power of Earth permeates

Its body, mind, and soul

Harmony, though it can’t create

Only another monster could

Ever match this being

This DragonFist of Earth

Though, not devoid of feeling

This monster, this child

Of the tender age, sixteen

Soon to be eighteen

The tragedy that was his life

In the beginning

The unforgettable woe

Of his lost, two fold

Both of his loving mothers

Still turning out okay

Despite all of the strife

He endured in his life

This monster, of strength

Unimaginable by most

Except the lover

And the interesting friends

That could ever hope

To understand this stranger

Of a new breed of hero

Birthed from a darker being

Very little this man won’t know

With all the hard work

The training and studying

Put into each passing day

Jason Valensciou, a name

Never to be forgotten

By mortals, demons, gods

Everyone knows his name

A name that strikes fear

In the underworld below

This, a tragic hero at first

The pain he has endured

Let’s go, Limit Burst

Stages one through four

His own secret weapon

That bolsters his already

Insane strength by many

However, he is not free

From the folly of modesty

Or the lack of weakness

Of which is quite simple

His lack of spirit power

Against, which he has

No defense to speak

Many are frightened

Of this almost mythical man

Of power and intellect

Not seen among the

Vast majority of us

Of an officer of law

In a secretive nature

His devotion to people

Of that, we are sure

With all the time he spends

Training in conditions that

Make the depths of Hell

Appear more inviting

But why, we wonder

How can such a being?

Exist in our fragile world

Which he can brush away

With the flick of his wrist

Maybe it was his parents

Both of whom were amazing

Well known in the world

It could be what happened

To him as a child

Still, what happened

No one can change

This man of science

A man of true courage

And admirable qualities

Ushers in a new age

For all, prosperity

The greatest fighter

In a world built upon

The violence of fighting

An alternative to war

That many do support

A future of welcome harmony

Among many species

Race does not matter

Especially to this half-breed

Of many different worlds

Someone for the weak

To always remember

This man of great honor

Honesty and integrity

The greatest of all

Fighters in this world

Or other worlds at that

Many would believe

That he cannot ever lose

There is only so much

That he can really do

And, it is as such

That his legacy go on

His life, with his girl

That vivacious redhead

Of passion and fire

And that adopted child

Many a foe he has faced

With his spirit and bo

His three legendary swords

And his attitude so bold

So many have tried

So many have failed

To defeat this amazing

Monster in human flesh

So many attempts

Even more so spiteful

None ever successful

In their attempt to dominate

His power, his ability

Few can match it

Even his Dark Father lost

In an intense, destructive match

He is a prodigy, in name

And in ability and power

Who could face this man?

A man who can do most

Anything we can think of

Defender of the weak

Of those who cannot fight

Any force of evil is sure

To face his immense might

The chosen of Earth’s guardian

Not a force to be reckoned with

It would be folly to try

Were your drive lacking

Or your ability suffering

For only at your best

Could you ever stand tall

Against a force many consider

To be near infinite

Because, through tempest winds

It flies and soars

The Dragon of Earth rises, and roars!


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