One night changed my life forever.
I dont know for the worse or the better.
Nobody knows what i have to endure.
I sometimes dont know quite for sure.

The night of lust, the rush of ecstasy.
Made my life short, starting a family.
No one to call, no help to rely on.
No one with tissues, or no shoulder to cry on.

They left me behind, with a unforgettable gift.
He said he'd stay, then left without a slip.
No child should have to raise another one alone.
But i had too, thats what made me strong.

Now I dont know what hurted more.
The fact that he left, or that had a little boy.
He should've stayed, it was his gift too.
But he'll never know, what i had to go through.

What i didn't understand was that, baby Jason had all these complications.
What i didnt understand was Jason was born with HIV. So he had trouble breathing.
What i didnt understand was "How?"
I didnt have it, but his dad did.
But what i still dont understand is that why he could be so evil?

Baby Jason didnt make it.
Baby Jason didnt make his first birthday.
Baby Jason didnt get to say his first words.
Baby Jason didnt get to go to prom,with a beautiful girl on his arm.
Baby Jason is a angel now, watching over a child.....that was too young, to have a child.

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