Jan. 22, 2015


Too proud and not enough humble.

Feelings not subtle.

Not coexistent.

Will stop to confront.

Cursed lips and a sweet smile.

Poison in a vile.

A delicate heart with a stab.

The echo of a clap.

A soul shattered like broken glass.

Time will pass.

Perhaps it was the sour taste?

Fake a smile like copy and paste.

May never know.

She who dares will show.

The pang and ach.

Slithering, withering, evil snake.

A foul game in the end.

Was it pretend?

Was it real?

Questions that don't heal.

The worst realization was the best.

The creator of the test.

After all an unforgettable mistake.

A rattle and shake.

She who didn't dare.

Was the one who cared.



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