For Jamie...


Daytona Beach, FL
419 Golf Blvd
United States
29° 14' 55.1076" N, 81° 1' 19.4448" W

How come he looks old even though he's only 17?

How come he has stress lines around his eyes?

How come he feels alone?

How come he says "I hate you" more than "I love you?"

How come he's so grumpy all the time?

How come his grades are continuously failing?

How come he's never around?

How come he cries at night?

How come he's afraid to walk outside at night?

How come he's afraid to be alone?

How come he has that black eye?

How come he slit his wrists?

How come he gets bullied?

How come no one ever said anything?

How come he wrote this exact letter of questions to his mom?

How come she cried when she read it?

How come I'm standing here, in front of his casket, asking all of the same questions?

How come..... Oh I see

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