Jaelynn and her papers


With my backpack slugged over my shoulder and my face set to a grimace, I walk through the hallway dodging bodies left and right. I yell in my head things I shouldnt say and I keep my eyes to the ground to not draw any attention to myself. Days like this make me wonder why I do what Im doing; does what I do mindlessly everyday have a purpose? I shake it off and keep going down the hallway. Remembering suddenly, I look up and quickly scan the little people jumbled in the commons area, everyone with their own destination to get to. There, with her head up, hair bouncing, is Jaelynn. It never ceases to amaze me how she keeps so uppity, so happy constantly. Her dad just died and I heard that her mom has cancer and yet she smiles and waves to everyone she makes eye contact with. I stop and lean against the wall to watch. With books and her hands, she trips and drops papers everywhere, as though an invisible hand reached over and threw them in the air. My eyebrows raise as I watch the scene. She looks distressed and frustrated as she bends down to pick up the twenty some-odd pieces of paper on the ground. People still walk around her, some even stepping on those perfectly white sheets. After gathering them all, she pops up and keeps walking towards a hallway opposite of me. She walks with purpose, but falters again. She stops and turns, looking straight at me. For the longest two seconds of my life, she looks me in the eye. Her eyes and cheeks were red. 


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