Jaded steel

Jade and steel. (Jess)

Jade and steel
Passion you can see,taste,feel
Eyes, a souls window
A rabbit hole to her past
A message from her future
The ever needed guide in her present

The hunger, it's there
The sight to move forward
The premise to prepare
The drive, the ambition
The courage and wishing
The fire, a constant reminder
What our own peers lack
And mis understand
The constant shadow of her thinking
A steady stream of what she's feeling
The fire burns in these cool green eyes

They dry out
They tear up
They are open, always open
But when at peace and resting,
They close shut
They've seen hate
They know pain
But can be taught love
They love

They see hope
The see peace
They've seen darkness
They've seen lies

They see me and they soften,
They close in peace. With me quite often
As if she's being swept by a swift wind and im the lucky one to have caughten. I knowing of all the danger. Take my steps with a fragile caution
Keeping her at ease, peace and away from precious tension

They see us, the eyes, and that fire, it sparks
It's alive and moving
As if we both know we need to leave our marks
On each other maybe,
On this time for sure.
The eyes ring clean
They flash only pure
But the green eyes can harden
To a steel of determination
Something that has been caused by a previous thought or meditation.
Something dangerous from her past
A steadfast object of
Her own minds creation.

They know the power they wield
Even though she remains blissfully unaware
That she can melt a man with a simple, cold, yet flaming blue stare.
They can carry so much passion, and leave without a moments notice
A glance and their gone
Like a moon lit ghost in a jaded Forrest

Fire. A green and blue luminous flame dances behind these round eyes
Like acool crisp pool of of mountain water that maintains an internal furnace that fumes with an energy more alive than most people have ever spent in the time between they lived and died

They dance, with soft kisses and flutters much like a shy butterfly's

They twist and flip when no one is watching, just as active if not more, than her mind.

And that's hard to come by.

These eyes know pain in the 10 degree. They have seen agonizing defeats, they know hardship. They have seen her, stumble and recover, memories that cause her slim shoulders to shudder.

Things that contort her soft and tender face into an agonizing twist and grimace in remembrance of the chains that once bound her. What broke her, and what built her. They've seen her come back. Fight off a two sworded attack. The recovery that would make an average person Shake and turn to an easier substitute, an alternate option.A Green, fiery Phoenix, returning stronger from its own ashes and coming back a stronger being to be subtlety revealed to the masses
People who held explosive reactions
Who had to hide surprise
Muffle their whispers and gaspses


Who may have suggested, may have had the audacity to comment to maybe say, in the kindest of ways...
...Take a break
..Maybe, something else.
You can stop.... If you want
"The braces are fine."
"It's ok, give up"
"Slow down"

You. Don't. Need. This.

To which those eyes quietly whispered in the wickedest of fashions....

"Yes I do....

And I will"

The subtleties may have been different but the message was loud and clear

She faced everything. Her and her green circles of internal fire, raging with fear and who knows what else.
An emotion words on paper cant quite capture
being so isolated. Marched onward. Moving forward, continuing the progress.


Oh How I wish I knew her then....

Those eyes tell more than just a color.......you see.

They themselves remain soft at a glance. But can become so narrow so quick. A slight of hand, a magicians slick trick.

You may say, how they hold such a significant innocent, but when she learns how to use them, that will be quite the day.

They move with intelligence
Watching with strict diligence
Always on and moving
Always remaining vigilant
Tiny movements
But with an impact on the normal person that stays for minutes.

That lingers like a sweet smell,
something a person might take time to tell

On me for hours....

But don't let her know that. I'm just a stopping point. A chance to catch a breath.

while she keeps taking my own

Like a final quiz, or a major test
I'll give her my all and those eyes
Will give me her best

take that
and wear it
Like An S on my chest

Maybe she shouldn't know?
With no water, this plant may never grow
But that would be like having a ticket
And never seeing the show
So no
I'll let her know, the power they have and how that power will only grow
Maybe she'll ignore it, not understand quite yet

Or maybe it will become a weapon In her holster

A trick, ill watch her light up internally



Then glow.....

And maybe then, once she knows
it won't be so hard

You see.... It won't be so hard....

Once she knows......

To let her go.............................................................................................................................




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