Jacob, The Mountain

On the day of the rain, she climbs up the mountain
for what else would it be there for but to be climbed by me, her.
I will
She will climb the range.
She sees the trickle from the peak, the pure water, and she says -sings, really- to herself, and the sky and the Mountain and the trees. And this is what she writes to him, it.
"If I climbed a mountain today,
I would have to pack supplies:
A blanket, a book, my heart and soul
Would be enough to get me by.
"When I had climbed halfway to the top,
I would realize that I had not
Touched my blanket or my book
Or the physical things I'd brought.
"But that mountain, Jacob's Mountain,
Would've touched my heart and soul,
And when I'd reached the very top,
I would think I'd met my goal."
But he's got goals bigger than that,
This mountain and I, Jacob and I
Because this mountain and I, we've touched each other
And yet
I hope there'll be an end
To this touching, this touching, this touching
And the message that it sends.


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