(By Kimberlie Lambert)

My love devours

all of the sunflowers

in the garden of

my soul.


Your eyes hold a story;

there is a movement of glory.

You look at me with your

gleaming glass

and I find ease in your glance.


I've never felt proximity 

so familiar to the affinity 

The Father has for me.


You pour your soul into mine

a vision I see

-you love me abundantly 


Please know my words are true

they run from the depths of my soul 

I love you.

I will never let you go.


I appreciate you and your strength.

I know the wings on your back 

are itching for flight

remember those midsummer nights.


My hands may no longer be small

nor my voice soft and frail

I may be growing tall and fair.

I think I will cut my hair

to match yours. 


I'll call everyday .


My wings will grow soon

and when they itch 

I will remember the moon

and how I love you 

all of the way there and back.


So please, Jack

know I see all you do

and what it does to you

To see me grow


But I wanted to say

In an entirely new way.


I love you. 


This poem is about: 
My family


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