Jacket, Necktie And Christianity

Men look elegant in a jacket and a necktie in church and elsewhere,
But it is absurd to think every man should like wearing a suit and a necktie

This kind of outfit does not originate with Christianity, according to history
When did Christian men adopt the custom of wearing a jacket and a necktie to meeting?

Some denominations practise religious fanaticism and they focus on image
Why can a brother not address the congregation if he is not wearing a jacket and a necktie?

Does a man have to own a suit and a necktie to be a Christian and worship God?
Jacket and necktie did not exist when Jesus Christ walked on the earth

Although men should not go to church dressed in camel’s hair like John the Baptist,
It is not necessary and advantageous to wear a suit and a necktie on the podium

Every organization has rules and regulations including religious organizations
Christians should not give the impression that the Bible supports a regulation if it does not

Since certain religious organizations put so much emphasis on clothing,
They should make the male members wear a distinct uniform to the meetings

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