Jack Daniels and Cigarettes

Puff, Puff


Puff, Puff 


Sip your whiskey, 

how does it taste?

Like the tears I've cried over your abandonment?

Like the gravel I've paced back and forth on, 

waiting to get a message back?


What is it about Jack Daniels?

How come you love him more than I?

Your flesh and  blood, the fruit of your labor, the light of your life,

How come? How come?

What is it about the smoke that makes you erase me from your memory, 

pretend I don't exist, 

like we were all just a dream?


I ddreamt of you, nights now past

Of all the memories we shared 

Of all the good times that didn't last.

Where have you gone? Why have you left? 

Am I not worth as much as your Jack Daniels and cigarettes?

This poem is about: 
My family


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