Jack Daniels

"Long week ended
Energy been expended
I can barely make a sentence
Trynna get it in 
But I'm still stuck at the entrance
I swear I need a break
Sittin back chillin 
Pop a beer and eatin steaks
I swear she lay it down
That is all I gotta say 
I stumble to machines
Trynna get some more for me
I twisted off the box
I'm trying to escape 
from my escapes
Man I hope I don't get lost
Not trynna be a role model
I'm takin up the whole bottle
gaspin at the graceful 
Silhouette of her body
My senses always been there
But I swear that they are absent
Keep the music sensual
Playin in the background
Already there in my hotel 
No turnin back now
There's a few things I gotta do
Before pass out"
"Cup overflowin
I'm mixin up my potions
Goin with the notion
Swimming through the cups
Like I'm swimmin through the ocean
Fuzzy eyed
Lookin like
How did I
Get here
Drinkin wit my boys
But she comin home wit me
Swear I got a limp 
But I'm swayin like the sea
I fallin off my rocker
Leave me be
Find my way back to the hotel
If it takes all night
Oh well
Tabs unlocked
Like a brand new character
She askin for a refill
Hopin I will share wit her"


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