I've Shed Another Tear

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 17:35 -- 1SP

Tonight, I have shed another tear,
As it may drizzle gently down my face
In reaction to why I called you here,
With a heart-felt feeling that cannot be replaced,
For a love greater than one can obtain;
To give a love stronger than the heart it resides,
And keep this memory that will remains
For the mentalities in which it presides.


With the discernment that I cannot bear,
The thought of not speaking with you
Is linking to a sentiment that I care,
Perhaps, that's why I have done what I have to;
I know that I'm not the man from your finest dream,
But I am candidly able of becoming a man of yours;
There will be obstacles for us as it may not seem;
Take one at a time and love shall portray the course.


I hope I have touched you the way you have for me,
Because I have my cold feet in fear;
If I have offended you in anyway, I'm sorry,
Due to this very night, I have shed yet another tear.

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My family


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