I've Seen The Demons & I Love You Still

I've seen the Demons

the ones that keep you away

The ones that make you hate

and the ones that tell you to stay


I've seen the Demons 

that make you ashamed

Because you wish I'd never seen 

their reflection on your face


I've seen the Demons 

but I've also seen you

See you never thought I knew

that you weren't like the rest


I've seen your Demons

that ones that don't let you get close

The ones that push me away the most 

because they can't fight against love


I've seen your Demons

and I still love you the same

I've seen them at their worst

and I've seen them at their best


I've seen your Demons 

and how they make you afraid

Scared that one day

you'll lose who you are


I've seen Demons 

and I've seen you

I promise you

are nothing like them


I've seen Demons

but I also believe in you

And there's nothing they can do 

to change the way you love me


Your Demons

will never beat you

See you have me on your side

and I'll never let them hurt you even if I die 







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