I've made Myself Human

It was only a year ago which i was comforted by my how insecurities, my hoplessness and the disturbing realities with which i base my flawed intracacies. 
the distance between two souls is a hesitant brew of defined and unrelated circumstances, irreversable and understandably disheartening. The conviluted belief that there are two people, and only those two who, against every outcome and ominious force imaginable, overcame the labynthine matrix of propability. These two define themselves in eachother- intents mock heroic, insisting in a paronizing love scene. Curtains will fall over the stage as the audience falls into a silen applause. Half adoraion, half envy.

I enter through the backdoor, eyes sewn shut against the backdrop, a barracaded soul lines my dress shirt. I am here convinced that I was create with everything I need to exist. 

Nobody cheers for that.



I wanted to submit this for the scholarship but this website is so glitchy

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