I've Heard the Word Before


I've Heard the Word Before

Mcarthy said it, the boys and girls said it,

but me

 I don't want to hear it no more

Love, Love, Love

I've walked the 500 miles but there was no satisfaction.

I didn't just walk the boulevard of broken dreams, I lived there

With Death by my side giving no aid only pain.

People of the past that I never Knew commforted me.

Mr.Dylan's songs were my envy.

I never had anyone I could call Friend, Companion, or the love that would change my life.

Death invited me in I accepted and refused I anxiously await his final call

But what will become of my castle of pain on that boulevard

Perhaps some poor chap will move in

So when I see two "love birds" snuggle ever so close

you can bet that a peice of my body is Quatering slowly bit by bit.

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